how I start talking to 3 different eligible bachelors


I constantly fear(?) a deficiency

not a nutritional deficiency. a deficiency of mind or spirit. knowledge or wisdom.

I constantly fear(?) a deficiency

maybe I am following this pattern maybe I am always the one dissatisfied with the lack of progression and growth. am I projecting or am I starving

I would ideally like to follow people journaling progression physically/mentally/emotionally, but it seems like the same thoughts or feelings are dumped here in a different context.

I like how cyclical this app/website is like the same blogs churn out the same one liners or nature photos or news articles but there’s no progression. Sure the content changes but there’s no evolution.

new york magazine is trash


Mythical Medicinal Mushroom Found Only in Old Growth Forest

by Kimberly Mok

Fungi are incredible organisms that are vital to the earth’s ecosystems. They assist in the bioremediation of poisoned soils and oceans, and are also a source of food, and even building material for us humans.

Some, like American mycologist and founder of Fungi Perfecti, Paul Stamets, have famously asserted that fungi will save the world — no off-hand statement, coming from a man who has spent his life studying and promoting fungi and the end of “fungi-phobia” worldwide.

Historically, a wide range of mushrooms have been used in medicine, and there may be one mushroom that might hold the key to the future of medicine. For years, Stamets has been on the look-out for the agarikon (Fomitopsis officinalis or Laricifomes officinalis, depending on the tree it grows on), a rare and endangered mushroom that grows only in old-growth conifer forests of North America and Europe…

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photograph by Dusty Yao

i need low-key but danceable pop music


also fuck the inherent value of humans > all and any animals because animals and by extension their environment are commodities for human use for personal or monetary gain.

honestly fuck trophy hunting period but especially fuck trophy hunting endangered species as not only a money-making scheme but also as a ploy to maintain attention and awareness of the species’ population like fuck pervasive capitalism where no person can value anything-living or not- outside of the perception of a monetary system.


Leaders of the Pack:

Not everyone was happy when wolves returned to Yellowstone (the deer, for one), but the place is better with them there.

Wyoming wolves had reason to howl in victory last month when a federal court gave them back their protected status under the Endangered Species Act. A judge ruled that the state’s management of the species—which included a shoot-on-sight policy and a trophy-hunting range—was inadequate for sustaining a viable wolf population. (Disclosure: NRDC, OnEarth’s publisher, was a plaintiff in the case.)

Since the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed the gray wolf from the endangered species list in Wyoming in 2012, hunters have killed more than 200 of the animals in the state. For those who think that’s okay, this video is for you…

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photograph by Shawn Kinkade